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FDC2011 dates

FDC on aivan kulmantakana.

We have got plenty questions about the dates already. It is quite early to say anything for certain yet. But traditionally FDC has been at late August or even in September. We are planning to honor this tradition of ours. Now in November we can only say so much.

Dates are still depending on Finnish National Diabolo Contest dates. There has been a strong rumor that this year nationals will be held in mid summer. Naturally it’s there is no point in having to biggest diabolo events close to each other. Once we hear confirmation from diabolo nationals we will work to get our dates confirmed as well. Currently it looks like we might be having FDC in September 2011.

Meanwhile we all wait for dates guests remain mystery. If you have suggestions about who we should get to FDC, please let us know. You can do this by writing your suggestion to comments here or to our FaceBook group.

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