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 Vuoden 2013 diabolon rakennuskilpaulun tulokset.

Itserakennetujen diabolojen sarja:


1. sija, The Original deCrapper -Marko.
Diabolon speksit:  PDF

original-Decrapper1Decrapper looks convincing from the cup. Speed markings inside the cup triple the feeling of danger. However diabolo is super safe to use, cup material is soft and  will not hurt much when it hits you. Softer cup material also handles the Finnish winter better and when dire need will open up your toilet.

Width:        135mm
Diameter:    130mm
Weight:        680g


2 suction cups from the toilet suction pumps.

12mm bolt (100mm long)
12mm nub
16mm washers
16mm nubs for the axle

All metallic parts are bought from hardware store (K-Rauta) at the price of 11,90euros per kilogram.

Suction pumps are available at 7,45euros each.


1. Suction cups already have marks for center of the cups. Use hand drill to drill a hole and expand it a little.
2. After this use saw to cut extra hub material away to make diabolo thinner.
3. Assemble

original-Decrapper2From the side

By default Decrapper has long profile and therefore will handle all grinds well. The mass is heavily centered to it’s axis. 12mm bolt will handle everything you can throw at it. The same size bolts are used to build structures where people live. If it can handle structures it can handle your tricks.

Cost estimate

If one excludes the drilling and sawing equipment the cost of this product comes down to about 19,50euros. It might not be your cheapest option around but it is  easy to make and assemble. For assembly no tools are needed.


  2. Sija, Sirkus Supiainen / projekt NMN / Toni Saikkonen
Model: [heresy] giant diabolo (based on Epic juggling props A-dream diabolo)


Weight: 130kg
Width: 2500mm
Diameter: 1950mm

Mod Contest Part List:


2 Puolipallo, kirkas 8mm akryyli, halkaisija noin 1950mm ja päälle 20mm laippa antamaan lisätukea.
FCA, Orimattila
Teräsvanteet, B.jansson tmi. 4Kpl hitsattu kokoon, 28mm


bolt consist 3 pieces
2kpl Kierrepäät: Eurointention/ Jorma Räty
Varsi: Toni Saikkonen


one nut consist 3 pieces
2x Muttereiden kierreosat : Eurointention
2x Muttereiden hatut, puuta: Toni Saikkonen
2x Muttereiden maalaus: Piironki

Hubs/ kartiot: Woodpiece made by Toni Saikkonen
Axle: Woodpiece made by Toni Saikkonen
Shims: Woodpiece made by Toni Saikkonen
All paintwork: Piironki
All woodwork: Toni Saikkonen
All metalwork: Toni Saikkonen

Hyrrän osat ja työ yhteeensä noin 4000 €


3. Sija


Muokattujen diabolojen sarja:

1. Sija

2. Sija

3. Sija


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