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Diabolothon is is a combined event in athletics consisting of seven track and field events. Events are held over one day and the winners are determined by the combined performance in all. Performance is judged by the position achieved.
Competition is organized by Finnish Diabolo Association. Come and compete in seven different sports, including diabolo-golf, long jump, vertical axis sprint and more. Open to all.
Traditionally these competitions are organized during FDC- convention, So get your gear and join this event of the lifetime.


Diabolothon includes following games.

You get points from every sport but overal score is what counts.

1. Diabologolf
Diabologolf is like golf with diabolo, try to get your diabolo into a bucket with less throws possible. Can you make a hole in one?

2. Diabolo long jump
Diabolo long jump is like regular long jump, except you need to throw diabolo into air before you jump and you need to catch it after you land. This isn’t easy.

3. Stick throw
Bored of diabolo, throw your sticks as far as you can. You can only hold from one stick and string must be open.

4. Skipping
Throw diabolo as high as you can and skip as many times as you can.

5. 400m vertax
King of all sports. Run 400m while doing vertax style diabolo at the same time.

6. Obstacle grind
Grind your diabolo on your stick and pass obstacle course as fast as you can.

7. Untangle
Ever had a knot around your diabolo, In this game you need to open the diabolo from knot fastest.

So this is what true diabolothon is all about. It’s not the game, it’s all about being better than others. Get your gear, practise and compete. We’ll see who are the true players of the 2016


Videos about this.


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