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FDC -festival was organized for ninth time. The only two players who have taken part of all the festivals are Rauli Katajavuori and Marko Akkanen.


Videos from 2014:



Donald Grant (Scotlanti)

William Gilbert (Swi)

Jarle & Haavard Bergo (No)




Håvard & Jarle Bergo (Norja)

Håvard Bergo


Jarle Bergo

Jarle Bergo


2013, Tobias ‘Tipper’ Frich Pedersen (Dk)
2012, Etienne Chauzy (Fr), Naoya Aoki (JPN) Jouni Ihalainen (Fr)
2011, Stephen Langley (UK), Donald Grant (Skotlanti).
2010, Pranay Werner ja Markus Springer (Saksa) sekä Stephen Langley ja Tom McCall (UK).
2009, Stephen Langley, Tom McCall sekä Nev Brooks (UK)
2008, Stephen Langley (UK), Donald Grant (Skotlanti), Jouni Ihalainen (FR)
2007, Tempei Arakawa (Japani).
2006, Eric Longequel ja Antonin Harz (Ranska).




Kuvia yms, tulee pian.

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