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The schedule for FDC 2016 doesn’t exist yet. It will be close to last year’s schedule and you can take a look at it below:

13:00 Registration begins. FDC cars will pick up people from the Orivesi station. Attendees should let the organizers know when they are scheduled to arrive.
20:00 Sauna /Videos in the cafe

Yhteinen aamupala on paras tapa aloittaa päivä. Vuoden 2010 keittiösta vastasi Olli. Tarjolla puuroa, leipää, kasviksia, kananmunia, muroja, mehua, teetä ja kahvia. Verrattavissa parhaimpien hotellien aamiaisiin. Kuva: Marko.Friday
11:00 Breakfast
12:00 – 14:00 Sales open -Workshops-
18:00 Opening ceremony /RUNOSIRKUS
19:00 Works in hope of no regression/  Trick Jam

10:00 Breakfast & porridge in the cafe
12:00 – 14:00 Sales open -Workshops-
15:00 Projekt NMN 2.0 ESITYS Rönnissä, pääsyliput 5 € incl. (tapahtumavieraille ilmainen)
16:00 Finnish Diabolo Association briefing in the cafe
21:00 MOD contest
22:00 Singer/Songwriter evening with Jukka Nousiainen & Juha Rautio
23:00 Sauna / Videos in the cafe + GH/RB competition night

10:00 Breakfast & porridge in the cafe
11:00 – 12:00 Sales open -Workshops-
12:00 Diabolothon
15:00  Rides to the train station.

The main hall can be used freely whenever nothing else is scheduled there. The Eräjärvi school is used for accommodation and therefore a sleeping bag is useful. Cooking is possible at the venue. Eräjärvi also has a small restaurant and grocery store. Attendees are expected to take care of themselves. Breakfast is provided by the organizers.

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